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Latest Products

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    OZiva Bettr.C+ (Plant based Vitamin C with Zinc, Rosehip, Bioflavonoids) for Advanced Immunity, Better Absorption than Synthetic Vitamin C, 60 capsule (60 capsule)


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  • LOOKING FOR BEST POST WORKOUT DRINK & FAST MUSCLE RECOVERY? Perfect Blend of Electrolytes, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Zinc & Calcium. Just what you need after good workout
  • MADE IN INDIA – Premium Quality Ingredients. GMP manufacturing Facility.
  • EFFECTIVE & EASY - With Electrolytes 100mg, Magnesium 100mg, Vitamin B12 1mcg, Calcium, Vitamin C & Zinc in each serving, Ultraveda Nutrition’s Ultra Recovery Effervescent tablets deliver the most effective dose of Electrolytes, Magnesium & Vitamin B12 that you require for a Fast & Health Recovery Post Workout. Enjoy all the amazing benefits of Multivitamins Specially for you in the form of a convenient, Great tasting Effervescent tablets with no tough pill to swallow.
  • GREAT TASTE, GREAT BENEFITS - These convenient and delicious Effervescent tablets are fantastic — just drop 1 tablet in 250ml glass of water, let it Fizz and Enjoy an Amazing nutritious drink
  • HEALTHIER YOU - Caring for you is not just about what kind of products you use on the outside, but also about what nutrients you put into the inside of your body. With Ultraveda Nutrition’s Ultra Recovery you can Replenish your Electrolytes and Vitamins post Workout.