Loch Coire nan Arr

Loch Coire nan Arr

Bealach na Bà.

I have been over the twisting, rising single-track Highland road to the sanctuary of Applecross since I was a child. I know each passing-place, and how the hills look in fog, snow, sun, hail, rain. I know where deer are likely to be, I have seen The Bealach in every condition, stopping at the top to gaze over to Skye, and back down to Plockton.

Yet I have never stopped and swum.


Bealach na Bà is the main road to the Applecross pensinsula on the West Coast of Scotland, and has the greatest ascent of any road in the UK. Roughly 2 miles up from Ciseòrn, is the wide, natural ampitheatre of Coire nan Arr.

IMG_6692-1I swim on a wild day, wind whipping the end of the loch into whirlpools and tornado spouts. Even up in the this sheltered coire loch, surf comes crashing down the length of the loch.

Windy, like.


A small dam was put built several years ago, with the industrial port of Ciseòrn and fish farms at the bottom of the burn that flows from the loch. It’s not the longest, it’s not the most exciting but it’s been done, ticked off that list which never seems to get any shorter.


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