Of Lochs and Castles. In the footsteps of The Wolf

Loch an Eilein

Cuairt an lorgan Alasdair Mòr Mac an Rìgh

In the forests of Rothiemurchus you can today find Osprey, Wild Cat, Capercaillie.

In Badenoch there once roamed a Wolf. He was the most blackest, the most evil character in Scotland’s history. 

Alexander Stewart, Alasdair Mòr Mac an Rìgh, The Wolf of Badenoch.

(NB: Not the Wolf of Badenoch)

We explore two of his island castle strongholds.


Loch an Eilein, am meadhan choille ghiuthais Chailleanach Rata Mhurchais.



Snàmh goirid chun a chaisteal. Tha e na tobhta an-diugh, ballaichean ann, lusan a’ fàs. Uisge blàth, glan.


‘S fhàda bhon a dh’fhàg Alasdair Mòr.


A short drive North and we come across Loch nan Doirb.


Another of The Wolf’s strongholds. Now a vast, wide, open ruin.


An unexpected meeting with The Wild Highlanders, a group of outdoor swimmers. Nice Suprise.

No, that’s cheating.


Mar a tha mi a’ faireachdainn an deidh snàmh.

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