Gach Loch Coire – Loch Coire Atadail

A new project. Each Loch in a Coire in Scotland to be swum. No time limit.

Lochs located in Scotland’s coires (corries) are maybe my favourite places to swim. You are guaranteed incredible sights. Often clear water. Sometimes sheer mountains. Much ball-shrinkingly cold water.

A coire/corrie/cwim/cirque is a terrain feature created by glaciation, usually in high mountains. Effectively a pot or cauldron of water.
My categorisation is not strict: if it has “coire” in the name, it’s getting swum!


I’ve been looking for a new long-term project and inspired by Vivienne Rickman Poole’s excellent #swimsnowdonia – documenting swims in each of the Lyns, pools and rivers in Snowdonia.


Loch Coire Atadail is located air a’ Chomraich/on Applecross. Tucked up Strath Maol Chaluim, then round the corner, it’s a true hidden gem.

Shallow lochs, grassy reeds on the bottom, water generously warmed by sun. Hills all around. Sloping land of rock and grass.
Deer wander the moor.
We swim.



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